Notifyer+ Unread Count Customer Reviews:


Gmail count!!!

Thank you for developing this app! Just upgraded to a new phone and my Gmail wouldn't show my count of emails. I searched and searched a way to fix it and couldn't find anything! Finally found this app and bought it! Works great! Just an FYI it's a widget so you can't put it on your dock.


So easy and simple. Love it. Even better that it can be customized. Sweet!


Crashes every time I reboot my phone. Also, the option to make my calender icon display the current date seems to be missing now

I cannot drag a Notifyer icon (eg for Phone, Textra, WhatsApp etc) to the App Drawer (using Google Now launcher)

Don't work. .. waste my money

Good for minimal use

It works well with the apps but unfortunately gives only 2 digit counts . If your mails are over 100 then it shows 10. That's disappointing


Previous version was awesome, this latest update has completely broken the app - won't even open! Eagerly awaiting fix...

Supporting more Account of Gmail App.

I buy Notifyer+ to support your development. I have multiple Email Accounts under "Gmail App" such as MS Exchange. Please modify Notifyer+. to support additional accounts and also preferred folders. A number of Notifications for LINE are also not correct. It is not updated. Pls. correct it. PS: My device is Nexus 6 running Android 6.0.

Great little tool

This app is so helpful. It took me a while to figure out how to set it up but once I did, it worked perfectly.

It's great but maybe more work

It's a great app but I don't know if it's my phone or it's the app. I have a oneplus 2 and can't use the icon on the bottom. I hope there is a fix

Finally updated

It's taken a while, but this latest update has made this app usable again. It's the only one I've found in the app store that gives a notification count with any app, regardless of the launcher you use.

Working well in my s6 5.1.1

Nice app !

Great App.

Works as described, creates fully customizable badge icons for my preferred apps, particularly Google's Hangouts and Messenger apps. Definitely recommend it.

Sorta works

What it does is it creates a cheap looking widget of the app you want it to count without the ability to change the icon.

Unique, works well....

...but since Lollipop on my Note 4 the Samsung style notification doesn't match the official style anymore, partly for colour but mostly that it is too small. Does the job otherwise.

Needs Backup/Restore Function

I like this app, but find it frustrating to have to recreate widgets if switching ROMs or upgrading, especially since I use custom icons. Please consider adding this feature.

Didn't work

Found the pay version and bought it before I realised there even was a free version. Refunds: there was no refund option in the email. Followed Google's steps, still couldn't find it. Uninstalled after 12 minutes, well within the refund time frame.

option not working corect

the option icon->hide icon is no longer working since the last updated. the notification count is no longer visible.

Gr8 app!

Needs an option to change in app background. When manualy selecting icons, white icons can be barely seen over the current grayish app background. Little thing but very annoying! Otherwise works great.

Nice app

Works great on my note 4 5.0.1


I may be a bit thick here but I had no idea what to do to get this to work and there are no instructions. I have given up. Prob works well if you can work out what to do with it but so does a deck chair!

Crashes in lollipop


Doesn't work on my yahoo or godaddy emails

Jerk off

I installed it but can count nothing and doesn't refund . Think twice if you will download this app.

Not working

This is not working

Still not match count of unread messages for LINE

Good application but need improvement for LINE naver

Worked fine until update

This worked great until the February it doesn't work at all. Tried restarting phone, still doesn't work on note 2....update: after some tweeks, this is now working on nova prime


Not working

Hey use to work flawlessly Galaxy N2.

Since an update I'm confused. Do I put Chomp SMS as SMS? Or one of those new features ? Those new selections are so confusing now in Behaviour are terribly confusing. Please take time to explaing to us how they work. Please? Disappointed.

Very useful

It does everything I need, and it will be great if I can change label color too.

Brilliant application for Galaxy Note 4

This works perfectly for me and meets all my requirements, does what it says on the tin

Almost perfect!

I bought this immediately after using the free version. Love these Widgets. I use APEX launcher and this brought full unread badges to my homescreens. Would be 5 stars, but no 'black' badge color! Please add black like the other colors.

Half works

Works fine, then crashes. Reboot, reset, works a treat. Then crashes. Good but needs tinkering to be a keeper

Doesnt work on my Note2 .... stopped sudenly... no badge count


Works perfectly. 5 stars when the Moonshine Icon Pack will be supported.

doesnt work for my BLU 6

I don't know why, the apps doesn't work for me, it wont show any unread count on my icon

Ideal app but.....

I'm using galaxy note ii with Next 3D launcher. First, kudos to the developer for offering a variety of color notifications & changeable icons to include contact pics as icon covers. Unfortunately, in order 2c new or updated notifications, I hve to turn the phone from portrait to landscape or the reverse. I've emailed the developer but so far, no reply. I could easily give 5 stars but this must be corrected first.

Doesn't work on dock

I have an lg g3 and the app works but I can't put the icons on my dock as well as you can't put them in folders

Doesn't show as an available widget

I used to use and love this app. However, I stopped using this a while back because at some point in time it stopped showing as an available widget for any home screen I have installed (stock, GoLauncherEx, LauncherWP8). I'd like to start using it again, but still I cannot select Notifyer+ from the "Add Widget" menu. Any ideas?

Can't change icons

Purchased this app so I can change the icons really disappointed that I couldn't change them. I have go launcher on my phone doesn't give me the option to use one of my theme icons.😔